Tucker Carlson Faces Down Liberal Gun Control Hypocrite

Gun Rights
They want to disarm you because they fear you.

Tucker Carlson asks, if he cares so much about gun control, shouldn’t democrats – like former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg – be the first to disarm, and to get rid of their armed body guards?

This Tuesday, Carlson debated Mark Glaze a gun control activist & former executive director of the Bloomberg-funded “Everytown for Gun Safety”. Carlson highlighted how many celebrities and political personalities that support gun control also walk around protected by expensive, and highly armed armed body guards. “I wonder, if guns are so bad — and people often say this but I’ve never gotten a real answer — why does Mike Bloomberg have armed bodyguards?” he asked Glaze.

“I don’t get it. If I run a bodega in the Bronx, I don’t get to carry a gun. I’m in a lot of danger. Mike Bloomberg doesn’t think I should have a gun, doesn’t think I should be trusted,” Carlson argued. “And yet he runs around — because he’s a billionaire — with all of these guys with automatic weapons. Why is that fair for him but not for the bodega guy?”

Glaze responded by actually calling small business owners “bad guy,” as he stated, “That’s what he’s protecting himself against. The bad guys with guns.”

“What about the bodega owner?” Carlson asked again. “He’s not allowed to have a gun but Mike Bloomberg is because his life is more valuable? I don’t think it’s more valuable.”

“I think people like Mike Bloomberg, like you, might be targets because you’re in the public eye,” Glaze tried to argue.

“Mike Bloomberg is a total hypocrite,” Carlson concluded. “If guns are so bad, then why does he surround himself with them? And again, people at real risk — delivery men — can’t have them.”

Glaze tried to argue that we need to “go upstream and make sure the bad guys can’t get guns.”

Carlson, highlighting how badly Bloomberg had been pushing to disarm citizens across the country stated, “When Mike Bloomberg disarms, I’ll be next. I promise.”

A Bloomberg funded anti- gun group is pushing for legislation that would disarm teachers, and bar them from carrying concealed firearms on campus.

The NRA is monitoring this legislation, and had this to say:

“The push to disarm teachers enjoys the support of Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action, the same group that opposes allowing women with concealed-carry permits to be armed on college campuses for self-defense.”

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