Trust In Politicians Plummets To Historic Low

Paul Ryan
Wipe that smug grin off your face, Paul... This is your doing.

A recently conducted Gallup Poll revealed that only a scant 21% of Americans are satisfied with the way that the nation is being governed. Not only are Congress’ approval ratings wallowing in the low-teens, but the entire American political apparatus is experiencing a shocking crisis of confidence.

The poll found that the trust in U.S. institutions has been in a rapid and steep decline for years, and the federal government is consistently viewed more negatively than any other branch or level of government.

The study notes, “Americans’ frustration with government is focused on Washington, D.C.” The poll’s topline summary continues, “This is seen in trust and approval ratings they give to the executive and legislative branches—especially Congress. U.S. adults maintain higher levels of trust in the judicial branch as well as state and local government.” In addition to this, out of 22 different professions Americans are asked about, the honesty and ethics of members of Congress were rated among the lowest.

Americans also view the federal government as one of the gravest source of problems in the nation, by people across all age groups and political persuasions. “The issues that Americans raise when they talk about government as the top problem center more on the process of government and political personalities—particularly infighting or bickering—than on worries about government, power, size, or specific policies or tendencies,” the report stated.

Only 13% of Americans say that they approve of Congress. Approval of the President has also ranged from between 35% to 40% – which, with the economy improving dramatically day by day, can only be chalked up to the incessant media attacks against President Trump. While many Americans have extremely low trust for those who are holding a political office, most Americans exhibit a huge confidence and trust in the American people as a whole.

The poll also finds that views of both the parties, Democratic and Republican, are at their near historical lows. While the 36% of Americans view Republicans favorable and 44% find Democrats favorable – most Americans associate economic prosperity and strong national security with the Republican party platform.

“‘Wary’ remains the watchword to describe Americans’ stance toward government power in 2017,” Gallup states in the report with poll results. “Over half of U.S. adults say the government has too much power, and more Americans say the government is doing too much to solve the country’s problems (things that should be left to individuals and businesses) than say it should be doing more.”

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.