Trump’s Message to America: “Stand with Trump” to “Make America Great Again”


From the moment he told the nation he was running for president, the Republican establishment and the political class – the campaign advisors, pollsters and talking heads that can make or break candidates – said that his presidential run was a stunt.

They dismissed him as a clown and said that his “flash in the pan” campaign would fizzle and die under its own weight – but businessman turned candidate Donald Trump have proved them all wrong.

Some have described him as a “Magical Candidate” – a candidate with no campaign experience who tops all of the public opinion polls because he is breaking all the rules and redefining how political campaigns will be run going forward.

Part of his magic is to answer tough questions bluntly without poll-tested answers – a Teflon candidate who confounds the mainstream media that’s been searching for that one gaff, that one “off the cuff” comment or one political stand that they can use to take him out as they have done with lesser candidates in the past.

He also lacks the polished image of a “seasoned politician” who will say one thing on the campaign trail to get elected and then go to Washington and betray the people who put them in office. People believe Trump is a man of his word who will make America a nation of winners again.

What’s more, Trump has made it clear that we have stupid leaders and lousy negotiators running our nation and that he will bring excellence to American leadership and restore respect for the United States throughout the world.

He will restore the military. He will tear up and renegotiate bad trade deals. He will dump ObamaCare and put patients and doctors back in charge of healthcare. He will cancel the Obama’s deeply flawed nuclear deal with Iran. He will dismantle government and repeal ruinous regulations. And he will send money and power over issues like healthcare, education and transportation back to the states where it belongs.

And because of his wealth – which he doesn’t back away from and apologize for – Trump is running a self-funded campaign that allows him to assert – correctly – that he can’t be bought.

Rather, his only allegiance when he makes it to the Oval Office will be to the American people not lobbyists, not the donor class and not the “too big to fail” companies that survive on corporate welfare.

These qualities have come together to make him the number one candidate in the Republican presidential nomination process. He is sweeping aside the Republican establishment – the experienced advisors, know it all pollsters and the slick Madison Avenue political ad campaign ads made by people who are paid whether the candidates they work for win or not.

And his message to America is simple. “Stand with Trump” to “Make America Great Again”.

Many believe that Trump’s tenacious ability to counter every attack against him almost instantaneously using Twitter, Instagram and other social media has brought him to the top, kept him on top and his opponents off balance.

He has also described himself as the voice of the “Silent Majority” of Americans who are angry that they voted for Republicans to win the House of Representative to change things but they didn’t – because the establishment said controlling the House wasn’t enough.

Then voters helped Republicans to take over the Senate to change things but they didn’t – because the establishment said controlling the House – and Congress – wasn’t enough.

Now the establishment is telling “rank and file” voters that we need a Republican president to change things – only this time the voters aren’t buying it.

Voters are saying if we need a Republican president to change things, then you can forget Jeb Bush – the establishment choice – we’re for Donald Trump.

Trump is not only a fly in the ointment for the Republican establishment, he is a candidate who came out of nowhere and won’t play by establishment rules. There are no establishment political insiders telling him what to do, what to say and what to stand for.

There is no establishment run campaign influenced by the likes of Karl Rove – a puppet master that has spent the last six years grooming candidates acceptable to the Republican establishment that voters can voter for – candidates that have pledged allegiance to the Republican establishment and not the people should they make it to the White House.

He stands foursquare behind voters on the immigration issue to seal the border with a real honest to goodness wall that Mexico will pay for. He will repeal “Birth Right” citizenship, enforce E-Verify so people can’t work in America illegally and he will withhold federal funds from “Sanctuary Cities” like San Francisco that refuse to turn illegal immigrants over to the federal government for deportation.

Moreover, will expel illegal immigrants starting with criminals and repeat offenders, people who overstay their tourist visas to stay in America illegally, charge Mexico $30,000 for ever illegal immigrant who crosses the U.S. border and freeze remittances that illegal immigrants send home to their families to take the profit out of “working in the shadows”.

He stands for international trade deals that benefit America… that keep American jobs in America… that punish countries who raise tariffs on imported American goods while their products reach America at no charge… and countries that close their borders to U.S. goods completely.

He believes that the Second Amendment means what it says – that the right of the people to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed… that we should enforce gun laws already on the books… that concealed carry should be the law in all 50 states… that people have the right to use firearms to defend themselves against criminal attack… and that we reform our mental health laws to keep guns out of the hands of lunatics.

In addition, he does so with a sense of humor on radio, social media and TV.

Clearly, an “outsider” candidate like Donald Trump who speaks his mind… does not owe favors to big money donors or business interests that get special tax breaks, government subsidies and cheap foreign labor… or a political class that doesn’t pull his strings might finally be the “Horse of a Different Color” that voters have been waiting for.