Trump’s Approval Smashes Upward

Donald Trump
The inhumane and humiliating treatment of Kavanaugh has opened many people's eyes to who the Democrats really are.

Call it the Kavanaugh effect?

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has smashed upwards to 51%–the highest its been since May 4, 2018–just four weeks before the 2018 election, according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

Rasmussen also found that 38% of likely voters strongly approve of the job the President’s doing, while 39% strongly disapprove. Rasmussen gives this a “Presidential Approval Index” of -1, which is Trump’s highest since March of 2017, just weeks after his inauguration.

By contrast, on this day in Barack Obama’s presidency–October 5, 2010–his “Presidential Approval Index” was substantially lower, at -11, with 41% of voters strongly disapproving and just 30% of voters strongly approving. 48% of voters overall approved of Obama’s job performance, and 51% disapproved.

Trump’s surge comes as a majority of Americans are fuming about the behavior of the U.S. Senate during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, with a majority agreeing that the process has been a “national disgrace.”

It also comes as the economy, seemingly impossibly, continues to gain steam, with the lowest unemployment rate since 1969.

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