Has the Trump Train Derailed?

Have we jumped the tracks or is their still hope to MAGA?

To the surprise of many of his own supporters, President Donald Trump came out as the biggest advocate for the American Health Care Act (RyanCare) and was also its biggest defender.

Trump, who campaigned on a promise to “Repeal and Replace” ObamaCare, settled on a plan that didn’t replace any of the regulatory framework of ObamaCare and still carried a $1.42 TRILLION price tag, while guaranteeing that insurance premiums would increase by another 20%.

The move by Trump has many at least scratching their heads, while others are fuming with anger.

While libertarian leaning members of the Freedom Caucus refuse to support the bill as it creates new entitlements and does not repeal ObamaCare, even moderates are refusing to support the bill.

Republican moderate Congressman Charlie Dent refuses to support the bill because it will drive up the cost of health insurance, making it unaffordable to many.

Dent told Politico, “After careful deliberation, I cannot support the bill and will oppose it.”

Among Trump’s grassroots supporters, another reality is starting to sink in: Trump is not a conservative.

Those who are attracted to Trump during the election made an assumption that the then candidate supported a pro-liberty agenda and would shrink the size and power of government.

The assumption was based on Trump’s disdain for the establishment and aggressive, protectionist views on immigration.

However, if supporters look back at his messaging, Trump very rarely used the words “small government,” never opposed the rampant spying on Americans (until it happened to him), and even praised socialized medicine.

When asked about “Universal health care” then candidate Trump responded, “I am going to take care of everybody, I don’t care if it costs me votes or not . . . the government’s gonna pay for it.”

For those who paid attention to the details during the campaign, Trump’s support of RyanCare should come as no surprise as it is yet another step close to socialized medicine.

A minority of supporterss want blind allegiance to the President in order to maintain his power, credibility, and ability to win future elections.

Here’s an example of that thinking from online commenter “wren”:

Everyone needs to let him do his job. You may not like it, but in 2 years we could lose the majority and that’s it folks because Dem’s don’t break party lines. So when your congressmen vote remember this. They are either voting for Obamacare or against Obamacare. This bill is either better than Obamacare or it is worse than Obamacare. Your congressmen will be showing you what they prefer soon and I think a bunch of them will need replacing.

So basically, toe the party line regardless of consequences? Isn’t that how we got into this mess to begin with.

Others remain in a state of denial and believe Trump’s support of RyanCare is an elaborate plot to undermine and out Paul Ryan as speaker.

Those who are supporting Trump due to party loyalty, or loyalty to his brand, would be wise to go back and read the words of General George Washington that he wrote as part of his Farewell Address in 1796:

Let me now take a more comprehensive view, & warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the Spirit of Party, generally.

. . .

There is an opinion that parties in free countries are useful checks upon the Administration of the Government and serve to keep alive the spirit of Liberty.

. . .

But in those of the popular character, in Governments purely elective, it is a spirit not to be encouraged. From their natural tendency, it is certain there will always be enough of that spirit for every salutary purpose. And there being constant danger of excess, the effort ought to be, by force of public opinion, to mitigate & assuage it. A fire not to be quenched; it demands a uniform vigilance to prevent its bursting into a flame, lest instead of warming it should consume.

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Shane Cory is the Editor of Liberty News Now. Shane is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has been involved in politics, publishing and marketing for more than 20 years. He has served as the Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee, Project Veritas and is the co-Founder of Liberty Guard.