Trump Taking Aggressive, Hands-On, Approach To Immigration Policy

Trump Negotiation
Who would have guessed, the author of "The Art Of The Deal," was a master negotiator? No Duh!

President Donald Trump has set his mind to take Immigration matters into his own hands. He is ready to visit the negotiating tables and rebut the recent claim that Trump is only a bystander in the Immigration law. According to Sarah Sanders, a White House press secretary, who was questioned if the president was really a bystander, said, “What the President did clearly worked.”

The recent government shutdown has shined a new light on the disparities in Washington. According to the chairman of the Republican conference, Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, President Donald Trump needs to become the central player or else the debate might fail in the White House. He further told CNN on Monday that “It’s going to take a tremendous amount of input, support and encouragement from the President,”. “He is going to be key to any solution going forward. His role will be an important one. I expect we will be hearing from him early and often once these discussions get underway.”

The no. 2 Republican, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas said that “He’s anxious to get back into the topic and reach a solution,”, Cornyn is one of the among the lawmakers who had a meeting with President Trump on Monday.

The Arizona Republican, Sen. Jeff Flake, who is often in conflict with the White House added that “What’s been difficult in dealing with the White House is not knowing where the President is. That is what was holding us back.” “I don’t think it will change. I hope that it does. I hope the President will say, here’s what we need and here’s what we’ll stick with.”

According to a Republican strategist, Alex Conant, “Presumptively we’ll be back in the same situation a couple of weeks from now. We want to deal with the DACA issue, the Dreamer issue, but I don’t think we are any closer to having an agreement on that.” “I think it’s highly likely the government may shut down in three weeks over the same issue.” Alex is one of the strategists who worked on the previous immigration debate.

“He’s anxious to get back into the topic and reach a solution,” said the No. 2 Republican, who was also among the lawmakers who met President Donald Trump on Friday.

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