Trump To Show Physical Exam Today To Dr. Oz

dr. oz

Today at 1pm EST, the “Dr. Oz Show” will broadcast an episode filmed yesterday with guest Donald Trump releasing his medical records.

Donald Trump gave Dr. Oz a copy of his physical that was administered by the candidate’s doctor last week. The two will discuss it during the show.

We don’t know what is on the records, but this is the same doctor that wrote a health note saying that Trump would be the healthiest president ever.

With the recent health concerns for Hillary Clinton, it is a good idea to release Donald Trump’s “serious” medical records to the public.

The campaign said it would release the data from the findings after the show airs today at 1pm.

Only Donald Trump would release his medical records on TV with Dr. Oz. It is a stroke of genius.

Dr. Oz’s show is planted in the middle of the day where women and parents watch regularly.

Women in general are the largest segment of Americans that Trump needs to improve on. They are the same people who are generally too busy with families to watch the evening news when most of Donald’s messaging happens.

This will Trump to talk to people that would not see him often and talking about his medical health will offer a sharp contrast to Hillary’s health.

This is a good move for Donald and we are happy that he is being more transparent.

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