Trump To Name New Chief of NSA

Paul Nakasone
Congrats on the promotion, Paul, now how about less warrantless spying on your own people, eh?

President Donald Trump has nominated Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone as the next head of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Responding to the nomination, and pending confirmation vote, Rob Joyce, the White House cyber coordinator said, “Congratulations to Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone, nominated as Director NSA & Commander, U.S. Cyber Command, a [position] that will earn him his 4th star!”

“An exceptional leader for two exceptional [organizations], he brings great experience and strong cyber background,” he further added to his tweet.

Nakasone is head of Army Cyber Command and is expected to replace the retiring NSA director Admiral Michael Rogers.

The presumed NSA chief will be taking the helm of the NSA at a crucial and dangerous time for the United States. The shadowy organization has faced many setbacks in the past few years because of intelligence malfunctions, leaks, and public backlash against it’s spying activities.

The Pentagon, however, remains uncertain about the division of the NSA and Cyber Command which could end up in both the organizations having a separate leader.

The outgoing NSA chief, Rogers was leading the association since 2014 and had also chaired some several reforms at the agency which were unpopular among many officials.

This split was rather already being expected and is said to have been unavoidable. Many former officials and policymakers have also spoken out about the possible adverse consequences if the modifications are made too abruptly.

Speaking about Adm. Rogers, Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence remarked, “This will be Adm. Rogers’s last visit before this committee on the threat assessment issue. He deeply regrets not having to come before you in the future years as he’s enjoyed this process very much,”

Rogers delivered what seemed to be his last official testimony on Tuesday while appearing in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee over a discussion regarding global threats.

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