Trump May Have Won Debate on These Two Responses

Des Moines, Iowa, United States – December 10, 2015: An ardent supporter of Donald Trump put up his own billboard at his home in West Des Moines, Iowa. December 10, 2015

During the second debate, Hillary had hoped that Donald Trump would just implode like he did in the first debate, but he didn’t. He won with these two lines.

The second debate was rough to watch at times, mainly at the vicious attacks back and forth, but at the end of the day; Trump won.

Trump started the debate with some of the women that claim Bill Clinton raped or molested. At topic that is tough to stomach on its own was thrust into the debate limelight with a press conference just before the opening bell.

Having the women in the room during the debate didn’t seem to affect Hillary too much, but Bill sure noticed. The Drudge Report called it the “Face crack of the century”.

The move to bring in the women was physiological, but Trump won the debate, because he was on his toes and responded with two brilliantly timed jabs.

The most memorable jab came when Hillary was talking about Trump being in charge of law and order. Watch the exchange below.

Possibly the best part about this clip is the response Anderson Cooper has to the crowd. He is visibly upset. We wonder why?

The moderators did spend a lot more time cutting off Trump than they did Clinton, but it didn’t matter.

Trump had a line about Honest Abe Lincoln that turned out to be one of his best. He flipped a response on Hillary she wasn’t ready for.

At the end of the debate, only the most loyal and devoted Hillary supporters thought she won the debate.

For Trump this was a big moment. He had to find a way to stop the bleeding from last Friday’s video released by the Washington Post.

If you missed the debate you can watch it here.

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