Trump Makes Big Move Against Hate Crimes

President Donald Trump just announced on Monday his plans for stricter penalties for people that commit mass shootings and hate crimes.

If we can’t stop these from happening right now, the best thing to do is fully punish the people that are committing these crimes. Donald Trump wants to provide a swift death penalty for anyone found guilty of a mass shooting or deadly hate crime.

Trump made the announcement during a press conference at the White House Monday morning. See him call for the death penalty in this short video.


Donald Trump is limited in what action he can take against these horrible crimes, but this is something that could gain a lot of traction in both parties.

While Democrats and Republicans argue the roll of guns and the access to weapons, Trump is looking to punish the ones responsible with a quick and definitive action.

Trump’s call for the death penalty isn’t going to fix the problem, and may only be a slight deterrent for the type of people committing these crimes, but it is something that could provide comfort to the family of victims and is decisive.

With so many of these types of crimes happening, Trump’s call for the death penalty is an action. After decades of inaction on this topic, it is nice to see some kind of movement. Even if this isn’t a solution, it is progress and that is a good thing when facing these horrific crimes.