Trump Makes Addition To Legal Defense Team

New Lawyer
"Ah, it says here in the law that your Investigation is a big pile of BS" - Trump's lawyers, to Mueller

President Trump has added yet another lawyer to his legal defense team. In his latest set of tweets, President Trump announced the hiring of famed white-collar crime attorney, Joseph diGenova.

Some perceive this move as a hit back in process at Mueller, and a possible way to discredit his probe. The reason for these speculations is diGenova’s history of openly lambasting the Department of Justice and the FBI on various media outlets and platforms. diGenova is quoted to have previously claimed that the Department of Justice has wrongly been framing President Trump by “creating a false crime” of collusion with Russia.

The hiring of attorney Joseph diGenova in Trump’s personal legal team comes after Mueller’s probe spills over to the President’s personal finances and business empire; the parameters of which along with a long-expected personal interview are being set and discussed, by the special counsel and the White House.

“It shows they’re taking this very seriously and recognize that it’s not going away anytime soon and that the stakes are just climbing higher,” is what was said by former U.S. Attorney, John Wood.

Joseph DiGenova is said to have been a permanent fixture in the legal community of Washington, D.C., for a number of years. And is said to share Trump’s distaste for the former Director of FBI, James Comey. In fact, diGenova is said to have described Comey as “the dirtiest cop in America” who soiled the reputation of the FBI with his “bizarre personal behavior.”

Attorney Joseph diGenova is said to be a welcomed new addition to Trump’s personal legal team and has said to have strengthened Trump’s side. However, apart from this, there are no new changes being made to the Trump’s legal team. The show is still said to be run by Ty Cobb.

Until now, the stance of Trump’s legal team and the White House has been to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation in the hopes that this will blow over soon, clearing the President of any wrongdoing. Cobb’s believes that if the investigation goes on smoothly then it will probably be wrapped up by early 2018.

Trump’s legal team has provided Mueller with all the required internal documents without much hassle. However, Mueller’s investigation is now set to have steered towards the President’s personal finances and business. His family is also said to be under the fire as the probe has spread to his son-in-law Jared Kushner’s business dealing and private meetings.

Robert Ray, who was the former independent counsel in Clinton’s administration, for the Whitewater investigation believes that while Cobb is still leading the President’s legal team, there won’t be much change in their legal strategy.

“Ty Cobb has been the constant fixture here,” Ray was quoted saying, before adding, “There’s no indication anything has changed until he’s no longer in the loop. There is still a sense that they’re operating under the principle that the White House will cooperate and hand over the relevant witnesses and documents to try to bring this to a close. There will always be a political atmospherics and outside lawyers joining or leaving, but there haven’t been any fundamental changes.”

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