Trump Is Playing A Dangerous Game With His Wall

Donald Trump
We don't want COMPROMISE Don... we want a WALL!

When Trump first started campaigning for president he said he was going to build a wall on the Southern border, and now if he doesn’t get the funding, he could shutdown part of the government.

Trump has wanted a wall since he first announced his candidacy, campaigned on it and has spoken at length about the need for the wall.

Now that the president is threatening the shutdown part of the government if he doesn’t get the wall, and Democrats are fighting him on the funding, obviously. They do not want the wall, and they are willing to concede a shutdown if they don’t get their way. Our leaders are playing a dangerous game that could really backfire in the faces of the two parties.

If Trump can’t get his wall, he will let down his supporters by not delivering on his biggest promise and that could be the Democrats are fighting him. It doesn’t make sense for the left not to support border security.

Tucker Carlson seems to think that the Democrats don’t want the wall, because it is likely to work.

It seems the left is fighting, just because it is Trump, but the president doesn’t care. He said right to Chuck Schumer’s face that he will shut down the government if the Democrats don’t get on board.

Trump is playing a dangerous game, but if he can’t get his wall it could cost him the 2020 election. On the other hand, if Trump can win and get the wall built, the momentum could carry him all the way through the 2020 election.

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