Trump To Ignore Obama-Era National Security Threat?

Donald Trump
Radical Islamic Terrorism is the real threat, not rain...

President Trump is planning a radical departure from the Obama Administration over Christmas – in the realm of national security. In what will surely spark a raging debate on the Democratic side, Trump is going to delete “climate change” from the formal list of national security threats facing America.

By removing global warming from the list of urgent national security threats, the Trump Administration will undo a major cornerstone of Obama’s defense foreign policy – which emphasized weather, over the defeat of Islamic terrorism. Administration officials teased the change, explaining that Trump’s move will emphasize, “the importance of balancing energy security with economic development and environmental protection.”

Obama oversaw the addition of “climate change” to the national security list, making the argument that the threats posed by forces like ISIS were insignificant, in the face of climate change. Former President Obama, throughout his two terms, repeatedly insisted that there was “no greater threat” to the nation’s future than climate change.

The new national security list is resolutely focused on external and international threats, such as rogue nations – North Korea, and Iran. Radical Islamic Terrorism remains one of the top foreign policy concerns of the Trump Administration, as well as immigration and the opioid epidemic – factors that weaken the US internally.

Leaked portions of the Trump Administration’s policy reversal explain, “leadership is indispensable to countering an anti-growth, energy agenda that is detrimental to U.S. economic and energy security interests. Given future global energy demand, much of the developing world will require fossil fuels, as well as other forms of energy, to power their economies and lift their people out of poverty.”

“North Korea seeks the capability to kill millions of Americans with nuclear weapons. Iran supports terrorist groups and openly calls for our destruction. Jihadist terrorist organizations such as ISIS and al Qaeda are determined to attack the United States and radicalize Americans with their hateful ideology. States and non-state actors undermine social order with drug and human trafficking networks, which drive violent crimes and cause thousands of American deaths each year.

Strengthening control over our borders and immigration system is central to national security, economic prosperity, and the rule of law. Terrorists, drug traffickers, and criminal cartels exploit porous borders and threaten U.S. security and public safety. These actors adapt quickly to outpace our defenses.”

However, the announcement doesn’t completely ignore the environment. “The United States will remain a global leader in reducing traditional pollution.”

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