Trump Has Opponents Stuttering And Backtracking

Jamie Dimon
"I've made a terrible mistake"

Donald Trump has a unique way of dealing with people and the press and it rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Despite infuriating liberals with his tweets and comments, his tactics have a way of working.

When the chief of JP Morgan Chase & Co decided to say he was smarter than Trump and could beat him in an election, the president had a strong retort.

The tweet got Dimon to admit defeat and backtrack by saying; he was speaking “more out of frustration and my own machismo.” He then went on to say that he will not be running for president.–finance.html

Trump is a tough opponent during an election, because he doesn’t hold back. The Democrats are so desperate to beat Trump and the GOP that they have called in their big guns.

Michelle Obama is doing a stadium book tour and Barack Obama is hitting the campaign trail.

Obama has always had an aura of confidence around him, but in a recent speech in Ohio, all he could do was talk about himself. The American Mirror made a video highlighting Obama talking about himself and stuttering the entire way through.

Is Obama really going to help push the Democrats over the line when he focuses on himself? Are Democrats really ready to face him in 2020? There only chance to remove Trump may be to impeach him.

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