Trump Calls For Idea For How To Tackle Gun Crime

Trump With Victim
Trump meets with Florida Shooting survivor.

It was reported by the White House that US President, Donald Trump, along with his administration is currently in a ‘listening phase’ while deciding what actions to take for the next upcoming gun restrictions.

A spokesperson from the White House, Raj Shah, has said that Trump has currently been speaking with local officials, family members and “many others” about making the next decision on firearms.  No specifications were provided on the actions that could be taken. While referring to trump, he said that the conversations “impacting some of his thinking.”

He said, “Right now we’re in a listening phase. There is a policy process, eventually there will be a legislative process”. A reporter asked Trump if he would willingly act against the National Rifle Association (NRA) to set an age limit for the people who will purchase the rifles.

“He’s willing to do what’s right to ensure we have safe schools,” Shah said. Shah’s briefing was heard after Trump repeated that he supports arming teachers in schools, in order to make an effort to stop shootings that take place in schools. It is implied that those teachers and professors who carry weapons can receive a raise.

The president says that he is in support of improving the background checks for the sales of guns. He ordered Justice Department earlier in the week, proposing those regulations that ban bump stocks. The president is also in favor of setting an age limit of 21 for the buying a gun.

Trump has said that the NRA will be backing up the new restrictions that have been set on buying ammunition, although the age limits have been set. Trump earned the approval during the 2016 campaign.

Earlier on Thursday, Trump said, “I don’t think I’ll be going up against them. “I think we’re making a lot of progress, and I can tell you there’s a tremendous feeling that we want to get something done,” he continued. “And we’re leading that feeling, I hope, but it is a great feeling, including at the NRA, including with Republican senators and hopefully Democrat senators and congressmen.”

Trump signed a memo that directs the attorney general to impose regulations that “ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns” like the bump stocks in Las Vegas, which was held in 2017, injuring hundreds of people and killing almost 58.

Trump said that he would strongly push the Comprehensive Background Checks with an aim to emphasize on mental health. The minimum age will be raised from 18 to 21, for buying a legal firearm alongside bump stocks. According to the most recent reports, Congress is finally able to do something.

Donald. J Trump tweeted “Congress is in a mood to finally do something on this issue – I hope!”

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