Trump Announces The Founder And Co-Founder Of ISIS And Dems Are Furious


Donald Trump has been in the news lately for saying some questionable things, but the left is furious at Trump for saying these two people founded ISIS.

In Fort Lauderdale Florida, Donald Trump took to the stage during a rally and attacked the founders of ISIS. Watch for yourself.

That’s right, Trump named Obama the founder of ISIS and Hillary as the co-founder.

Is he wrong though?

Now we know that Obama didn’t technically “found” ISIS, but he created the environment for ISIS to be formed, and so did Hillary.

ISIS as we know it, has formed completely under president Obama’s terms in office and while Hillary was Secretary of State.

The group didn’t start to take land from Iraqi’s and in Syria until after Obama pulled out all American troops from Iraq.

The Islamic State did not have a lot of weapons until America started supporting the rebels in Syria. They also took weapons from bases in Iraq that were guarded by Iraqi soldiers but full of American weapons.

Obama did not technically found ISIS, but he referred to them as a “j.v. team” and didn’t stop them when they were small and disorganized. Instead he allowed them to grow into the organization we see today.

Trump isn’t 100% right here, ISIS wasn’t founded by Obama and Hillary, but they allowed the terrorist organization to grow.

Hillary and Obama helped arm ISIS and throw Syria into disarray and also facilitated in creating the immigrant crisis in Europe right now.

Trump needs to find a way to be a little more careful with his words, but his point is accurate, Obama and Hillary did help create the ISIS terrorist group we see today.

Do you think that Obama and Hillary are responsible for ISIS? Let us know in the comments below.