Treasury Secretary’s Wife In Hot Water After Arrogant Social Media Post

Shockingly Out Of Touch
His wife is a rich Hollywood Liberal, what sort of behavior did you expect?

Louise Linton, wife of Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, responded to accusations on social media that she was out of touch with the American people, and living in her own world. These accusations first arose after she tagged a picture of herself on Instagram, listing all the extravagantly expensive designer cloths and products she was wearing.

Linton was severely criticized on social media last month after she had shared a photo on her Instagram. The photo showed Linton getting off a government plane during her trip to Kentucky with her husband. Linton was noted to have included several hashtags to name fashion brands such as Hermes and Tom Ford.

However, one social media user commented on her use of government funds, sarcastically remarking, “Glad we could pay for your little getaway.” Linton didn’t hesitate from responding back and replied by arguing that she and her husband had probably done more for the country than the criticizing user. Linton stated, “Have you given more to the economy than me and my husband? Either as an individual earner in taxes OR in self-sacrifice to your country?” She even went on to call the user “adorably out of touch,” and expressed that her “life looks cute.”

After the firestorm of criticism erupted, Linton tried to mitigate the damage, and apologized – sort of. “My post itself and the following response were indefensible. Period. I don’t have any excuses, nor do I feel any self-pity for the backlash I experienced,” she continued. “I sincerely take ownership of my mistake. It’s clear that I was the one who was truly out of touch and my response was reactionary and condescending.”

She also recanted her initial claim that she and Secretary Mnuchin sacrificed more for this nation than anyone else. “I had no place to talk about sacrifice when there are millions of men and women making real sacrifices for this country every day. My husband is very fortunate to be part of the government. It is a great honor and privilege and in no way is his work, or my part in this, any kind of sacrifice.”

She argued that her post on Instagram was an effort on her end to put up with the so-called “public image” and stated that it was “boastful and materialistic and my response was extremely thoughtless.” “I should have known better than to be so insensitive,” she stated.

“I was trying to create this public image that was elegant and stylish, but that was just so clueless because I should have focused on who I really am instead,” Linton added.

Linton even expressed that the incident was more of an eye-opener for her, she concluded by thanking her critics for setting her straight. She pledged to do some volunteer work in Washington, DC, as well.

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