Transgenders Dominating Women’s Sports

Of course he won! Photo credit: Australian Weightlifting Federation

Last month, Mack Beggs, won the Texas State Championship in girl’s wrestling.

Wait, Mack?

Yes. Beggs is a 17 year-old who was born a girl, but is “transitioning” to be a boy.

Beggs who, according to reports, is taking testosterone as part of his gender transition, was required to compete in the women’s division by the state body that governs school sports in Texas.

Beggs, who desperately wants to be a boy, would likely not have fared so well if forced to wrestle actual biological young men.

But a girl packed with testosterone competing against “natural” girls is the equivalent as a drug-free Crossfitter competing in body building at the Arnold Classic.

Fast forward a month and Laurel Hubbard did something amazing by smashing New Zealand’s national record in women’s weightlifting.

Hubbard pulled a combined weight in the snatch, clean and jerk of 590 lbs.

Impressive . . . oh wait.

Hubbard is a big, 39-year-old dude with a ponytail.

He began transitioning in his mid-30’s to a women but wanted to continue competing in weightlifting competitions.

While Hubbard and Beggs are examples of transgenders dominating their sport, no one got physically hurt in their sports.

The same cannot be said about Fallon Fox who competes in women’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Fox isn’t imposing when the fighter walks into the ring at 5’7” and 144 pounds. But the cage fighter sports a unique advantage over opponents. Fallon was born a man and is fighting women.

In 2014, Fallon faced Tamikka Brents (a real women) and within two minutes, fractured her orbital bone and gave her a brutal concussion.

The transsexual fighter unleashed a torrent of knees, elbows and fists at Tamikka who had to turn her back to the former man to avoid more damage.

The referee stopped the fight for Tamikka’s safety.

Fallon has not had a professional fight since the beating of Brents as female champions like Ronda Rousey refuse to fight the transgender athlete.

That didn’t stop the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame from inducting Fallon Fox into their organization.

Should a separate gender class be created for transgenders in sports? What about other 57 genders that Facebook allows users to choose? Feel free to comment below.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.