Transgender Cyclist Wins Women’s World Championship

Bike Race
Hey... that's a guy!

A biological male won the women’s world cycling championship on Sunday.

Rachel McKinnon of Canada became the first transgender woman in history to win gold at the UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships, winning the 35-44 year old age bracket.

McKinnon also set a new world record.

On Instagram, McKinnon posted, “I broke the 200m WORLD RECORD this morning. It was my first indoor 200m and I have to admit that my 11.92 was significantly slower than I was doing outdoors in the summer. I still need time to get comfortable and save maximum energy in the windup.”

McKinnon’s win caused immediate controversy by asking a broader question: is it fair to have people who “identify” as women—but still have the build and muscle mass of a man—to compete against other women?

McKinnon, however, stood strong to defend herself on social media—claiming that her testosterone is “unhealthily low” and “below the average for women.”

She also claimed that the “2nd and 4th” place finishers in the race are “friends and STRONG supporters.”

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