Transgender Athlete Dominates Women’s Championship

Obviously A Man
Welcome to the 'Current Year'... where a man in a dress must be called a Woman.

A 6-foot-2, 220-pound male-to-female transgender athlete is crushing opponents at the women’s handball championships.

Hannah Mouncey, 29, once played for the Australian male handball team as a man named Callum Mouncey–but, after transitioning in May 2016 to a woman, Mouncey is demolishing the other women’s teams.

In the Asian Championships, which are currently being held in Japan, Mouncey scored four goals for the Australian women’s team in a game against Kazakhstan, four goals in a game in a game against Iran, and four goals in a game against Japan.

Overall, Mouncey scored a whopping 23 goals. That allowed the Australians to finish in fifth place… which is enough for them to progress to the 2019 World Women’s Handball Championship.

Mouncey’s weight, height, and testosterone levels, however, have some crying foul.

It’s also reignited an ongoing debate over whether men who transition to women should be allowed to play women’s sports, due to the superior size and muscle mass they retain even after changing genders.