Trannies Take another Hit from Trump

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The Trump Administration has announced plans to ditch Obama-era rules that protect transgender people against discrimination from doctors and health care providers.

The rule, Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, was prohibited from being enforced in December of 2016 after a Texas judge ruled that the rules were unconstitutional as they provided no exemptions for doctors and providers who object to treatment on religious grounds.

After Trump’s inauguration, the Justice Department quietly decided not to appeal the ruling and recently decided to remove the rules from the books.

President Trump and his team appear to be following the law while being considerate of moral objections of Christian, Jewish and Muslim health providers whose tenets recognize only two genders and their appropriate identities.

That doesn’t stop the liberal and LGBTQ community from screaming bloody murder over the latest change.

In March, the White House announced a new policy that prevents enlistments of transgenders in the military . . . the policy has been tied up in court.

Also in March, the Trump Administration overturned policy regarding transgender prisoners, which would send Donna Langan (formerly Peter) out of her cell in a female-only prison in Fort Worth back to an all men’s prison.  “Donna” was born a male, and has all the right parts, but identifies as a women and successfully lobbied the government to serve out his prison time in a women’s prison (isn’t that a “B” movie plot?).

The largest outcry to date goes back to February of 2017 when Trump rescinded bathroom rules for transgender students.

Transgenders and their supporters claim the changes are “based on hate” yet the rule changes may be a roll back to a more logical time when transgenders were diagnosed as being mentally defective.

As recently as 2013, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) referred to the condition as “Gender Identity Disorder”.

The next release, DSM-5, dropped GID and replaced it with “Gender Dysphoria” which emphasizes societal stress caused by being transgender (accepting the condition).

The change was similar to the change to the DSM in 1973 to remove homosexuality from the disorder list.

From 2011 to 2016, the estimate of transgenders within the United States doubled from .3 percent of the population to .6 percent . . . approximately 1.4 million adults.

But of those 1.4 million, only around 11 percent go for full blown sex-reassignment surgery.

While gender identity surgeries are on the rise, the overwhelming majority of those surgeries are done to the chest and face . . . now called “gender confirmation surgery.’

Basically, they’re going for the good ‘ole bait and switch but while transgenders demand protection under the law for their (former) condition, there are no laws on the books that protects “cisgenders” (uhh, normal people) from being notified that their significant other was born a different sex.

Do you support Trump’s moves and would you support a notification requirement before marriage for transgenders?

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Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.