Top Liberal Group Slammed Over Anti-Semitism

Womens March
Ah, Feminism... never change!

Liberals are finally policing their own radicals.

First on the chopping block? The Women’s March—the group that mobilized millions of women in protest the day after President Trump’s inauguration.

The Women’s March is led by a radical Muslim feminist, Linda Sarsour, who has a long history of promoting sharia law and making anti-Semitic comments.

The dam first broke against the Women’s March when actress Alyssa Milano—who has become a face of liberal activism and the #MeToo movement—turned against the group, saying she wouldn’t speak at any events until Sarsour stepped down. She was quickly supported by Debra Messing of “Will and Grace,” who is Jewish.

But now, even the German socialist group, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, is turning it’s back—stripping the Women’s March of a prestigious human rights award.

“We believe that the Women’s March USA does not meet the criteria of this award, as its organizers have repeatedly attracted attention through antisemitic statements, the trivialization of antisemitism and the exclusion of Zionists and Jews since Women’s March USA’s establishment in 2017,” wrote foundation members in a scathing letter. “Women’s March USA does not constitute an inclusive alliance.”

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