Top Actress Threatens Trump Assassination

Go figure, it's a Hollywood star!

A theater legend–Broadway actress Carole Cook–called for President Trump to be assassinated.

Cook, 94, was leaving a West Hollywood restaurant when she was approached by gossip site TMZ, who asked her about a performance of the Disney musical “Frozen” last week–where a pro-Trump audience member unfurled a banner that read “Trump 2020,” which was ripped away from an onstage cast member.

Cook responded, “Where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?”

John Wilkes Booth, of course, was the actor that assassinated President Abraham Lincoln in 1865 at Washington’s Ford’s Theatre.

TMZ–hardly a bastion of conservatism–was mystified that Cook would say “something so shocking.”

TMZ added, “Cook clearly thinks more drastic measures are required, and the most shocking part is that she clearly knew what she was going to say. Based on her husband’s reaction it’s something they’ve said before.”