Top 10 Funny Political Videos Of 2015

funniest political videos of 2015

From Hillary Clinton’s emails to Donald Trump leading the GOP, 2015 has been quite a year. Few captured the fun in politics better than the YouTube universe. So here we go… the top 10 funny political videos of 2015.

10. Mean Tweets – President Obama Edition
President Obama sat down on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show and read some of the mean things people say about him on Twitter.

9. Donald Trump Monologue
The real Donald showed up and hosted Saturday Night Live and his monologue was a great way to start the show. It was “huge”.

8. First Republican Debate – Bad Lip Reading
The debates are a great way to get to know the candidates, but this video serves no purpose other than making us laugh.

7. First Democratic Debate – Bad Lip Reading
The first democratic debate was one that got a lot of attention, but it is the words they didn’t say that made this video a great one.

6. Obama Calls Donald Trump
Ever wonder what would happen if President Obama decided to call Donald Trump on the phone? Well this is the hilarious result.

5. Hillary Clinton Bar Talk
Hillary had a rough day and hit the bar, and “Val” the bartender tries to cheer her up.

4. George W. Bush Runs For President… Again
The one and only Will Farrell brought back one of our most favorite political impersonations over the year to announce that George Bush is running for president again.

3. Donald Trump Interviews Himself
You know when Jimmy Fallon plays Donald Trump and interviews himself, it will become and instant classic.

2. Democratic Debate Cold Open
The first democratic debate was rather boring but Saturday Night Live’s version is much better. Larry David was born to play Bernie Sanders.

1. Hillary Clinton Election Video
Hillary Clinton’s campaign announcement was less than memorable, but the one on Saturday Night Live will go down in history.

What video did you like the best? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below.