Did Time Magazine Add ‘Devil Horns” To Trump Cover?

Donald Trump has been named Time’s person of the year, but it is the cover that is getting all the attention for a surprising reason.

The cover of the magazine has Trump sitting in an armchair looking over his shoulder at the camera.

Nothing in the picture seems out of the ordinary until you look closely at where the people that did the layout put Trump in relation to the “M” in Time.

Some people are saying that it looks like “devil horns”

Once you see it, it is hard to stop looking. It is like one of those old Magic Eye pictures from the 90’s. Once you see it, you can’t help but notice it every time.

It is unclear if Time positioned the cover intentionally to give Trump “devil horns” or if people are just seeing what they want to see.

Either way, there is little doubt that Trump should be the Person of the Year. He has captured the fear and hope of so many people that his influence this year is unrivaled.

Do you see the “devil horns”? Let us know in the comments below.