Three Shot At Chicago “Peace Picnic”

Chicago Park
So, are you telling me that the "Picnic of Peace" is actually just butchery? Reminds me of another "[thing] of Peace"...

A Chicago “peace picnic” turned violent–after three people were shot and a fourth person was beaten up.

The event, held in the Democratic-run city’s Seward Park on the North Side, was designed to promote peace and community.

Onlookers reported that a group of three teenage men showed up, and began to fight.

“It’s senseless and should have never happened,” said event organizer Raymond Hatcher. “We were doing well. Everything was going swell and then a group of guys who were not associated with us, came to the event intoxicated.”

Ultimately, one of the young men opened fired–injuring three peopel who attended the picnic.

All three were rushed to the hospital, including a 54-year-old man who was shot in the right leg and a 43-year-old man shot in the left leg and right arm. Both are listed in stable condition.

The victims also include a 28-year-old who was shot in the back, and is now in critical condition.

The three men who started the fight have not been identified or captured.

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