This Is Why Trump Calls The Media “The Enemy Of The American People”

Donald Trump
The so-called 4th Estate is actually the traitorous 5th Column...

There is no secret that President Donald Trump isn’t a fan of the media and repeatedly called them fake and even “the enemy of the American people,” and here is why.

Rachel Maddow, the most watched host on liberal leaning MSNBC, didn’t like that Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and called on her followers and listeners to protest.

She actually went further than just calling for protests, she actually organized protests against the president.

Rachel Maddow calls it a “Break Glass In Case of Emergency” strategy to do whatever she can to help make sure Mueller has a chance to release his findings on the president.

There is n wonder Donald Trump is not a fan of the media, they are out planning protests, but to be fair, Trump doesn’t attack Fox News too often. Of all the big cable media outlets he refrains from lumping in Fox into the fake media group.

One reason is because Fox News host, Sean Hannity has campaigned with Donald Trump just before the midterm elections. Outlets like CNN were outraged.

Donald Trump may be right that the media is against the American people if two of their biggest stars are organizing protests and campaigning for a political Party. That doesn’t sound like a fair and unbiased media. If reporting is biased, then the media is publishing more propaganda than news. If that’s the case, they truly are the enemy of the people.

Do you think that the media is the enemy of the people? What do you think about Rachel Maddow planning protests? Let us know in the comments below.

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