This Hollywood Director Likened Trump To Son Of Sam

Son of Sam

At one point Spike Lee wanted to “Do The Right Thing”; now the director wants to compare a murderer to Donald Trump.

When Bernie Sanders sat down with Spike Lee for the Hollywood Reporter, the famous director asked the presidential candidate questions about politics and growing up in Brooklyn.

Before getting into the interview with Bernie, the famous New York Knicks fan decided to liken presidential candidates to different characters in his movies.

When asked what character Donald Trump would be, the answer was disrespectful and wrong.

“I mean, I did a film called Summer of Sam. It was about the infamous summer of 1977, New York City. And there was a certain person who had the whole city in terror.”

Donald Trump has been likened to some horrible figures in history, the Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz, Adolf Hitler and the head of the KKK.

For a man who loves New York City so much, it is amazing that he doesn’t support Donald Trump more than he does. Donald is largely responsible for pulling the city out of despair and crime in the late 70’s and molding the city into the world-class metropolis it is today.

Spike Lee is not supporting Trump; he’s all in for Bernie. Bernie was born in Brooklyn. Spike, ironically, is from Atlanta, Georgia and not even from Brooklyn.

Spike was one of the members of Hollywood that decided to boycott the Oscars because not enough black people were nominated, now he is standing with Bernie to try and help him beat Hillary and then move on to the general election.

At this point, the name-calling has gotten so out of control, that we feel it is ok to compare candidates for president to Hitler or the Son of Sam serial killer. In fact, Trump haters are getting more column inches and views by saying more and more outrageous things.

The funny thing is, most of the people calling for more civility in politics from the left are also engaging in the same mudslinging towards Trump.

At the end of the day, we just wish somebody would “Do The Right Thing”.