This Could Cost Kim Davis More Than Jail Time

Kim Davis is getting sued–by the writers of the 1982 rock anthem, “Eye of the Tiger.”

The band, Survivor, which wrote and sang the song, is taking umbrage at the fact that Kim Davis used it without permission at an event, where she stood alongside Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, the former Governor of Arkansas.

The band has named both of them in a $1.2 million copyright infringement lawsuit.

Frankie Sullivan, one of the band members, vented his anger on Facebook–noting that Davis used the song without permission, and adding that he disagree strongly with Davis’s cause in the first place.

“NO! We did not grant Kim Davis any rights to use ‘My Tune -The Eye Of The Tiger.’ I would not grant her the rights to use Charmin! C’mom Mike [Huckabee], you are not The Donald but you can do better than that…”

Outside of social media, the band was a little more demure. Founding member Jim Peterik said:

“I was very surprised and dismayed at the misuse of the song I co-wrote with Frankie Sullivan for Rocky lll,” he said. “The song has motivated thousands through the years to reach beyond their limits. Its use for the release of Kim Davis does not support my views or my politics. I have contacted my publishers to make sure this usage is stopped immediately.”

Davis, the county clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, gained notoriety when she refused to issue marriages licenses, due to her opposition to marriage equality. She later defied a court order, and was sent to jail for just under a week after being found in contempt of court.