Third Advisor Leaves National Security Council

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"Before we continue, does anyone else want to leave?" - Trump

Recently there has been an exodus of high-ranking security advisors, these departures are rumored to be tied to the appointment of John Bolton as new National Security Advisor.

Bolton who joined on Monday has already planned to start reshaping the National Security Council team. Within the week, there have been three resignations in the National Security Council, and no one knows how many more are yet to come.

As of Tuesday new of the departure of third high-ranking security official from the White House broke. Dr. Nadia Schadlow, who currently serves as the Deputy National Security Adviser, handed in her resignation and is expected to serve only until the end of this month.

Nadia Schadlow was considered a trusted confidante of H.R. McMaster, who was the former National Security Adviser before Bolton, which might be one of the reasons for this resignation. Also, she had played a vital role in crafting the first document of the President’s national security strategy, which had been released in December.

Officials say that Nadia is expected to remain at the post of Deputy National Security Adviser until 27th April, to ensure the smooth transition of duties to her successor. There has been no indication or announcements about who Nadia’s successor will be. However, it is reported that Bolton is already viewing resumes to fill this position, and is expected to make a decision soon. In fact, it is being said that Nadia’s resignation has brought the National Security Adviser Bolton one-step closer “to build his own NSC leadership team.”

“The administration thanks Dr. Schadlow for her service and leadership in crafting the President’s ‘America First’ national security strategy. The strategy has set a strong foundation going forward for protecting the homeland, promoting American prosperity, preserving peace through strength and advancing American influence. We wish Nadia and her family the best,” said Raj Shah, who is the White House spokesperson, in an official statement.

Reports state that in her resignation letter, Nadia supposedly thanked President Donald Trump for “the opportunity to serve you and the American people” adding that she was “proud to work with LTG H.R. McMaster and the National Security Council team.”

“Together, we captured your vision for a strong and confident American and developed your America First National Security Strategy — which turned that vision into a strategic direction for your administration,” Nadia had written. “And I am particularly proud that you were able to submit your NSS to Congress earlier than any previous administration…on time and under budget!”

The news of Nadia’s resignation came soon after Tom Bossert, the homeland security advisor resigned, supposedly on Bolton’s request. Furthermore, on Sunday, the Chief Spokesperson of the National Security Council, Michael Anton had resigned, to avoid being fired by Bolton. Thus, the news of Nadia’s departure has not really come as a surprise to most.


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