There Is Only One Candidate That Could Possibly Beat Donald Trump In 2020

The Democrats have quite a field of candidates running for president, but there is only one person that could actually beat Donald Trump.

The president should only worry about himself. He truly holds the power of his re-election in his hands. Literally, this election will be decided by the words the president sends on Twitter.

Just in the past 24 hours, half of the president’s tweets mentioned something about the election and a couple about the latest Fox News poll. Earlier in the day on Monday, he even said it was “far too early” to start commenting on the polls.

Then just a few hours later the president was already questioning Fox News and the integrity of their polls.

Trump was right in the first tweet when he said it is “far too early”, but he can’t help himself. He’s been this way before the election and its not going to change. Many people love him for it, and then there are those that just don’t like him… at all.

Does Trump have enough people on his side to help him win in 2020? The answer is probably yes. In fact, there is a good chance that Trump could win easily if he doesn’t do anything or tweet anything that is going to really turn people against him.

With so many candidates running against Trump, the group he has nicknamed the “Motley Crew”, we can expect to see a ton of tweets responding to attacks.  

Despite calling people names and taking jabs at reporters, Trump hasn’t crossed that ever changing invisible line of morality in America. If he can take his shots without getting too personal or worse, saying somthing homophobic or derogatory towards a group of people, then Trump could walk away with another four years in the White House.

If Trump crosses that line and says something that isn’t easily forgivable, then the Democrats will pounce on it and Trump could lose. If he spends too much time tweeting about the polls and how everyone is wrong, and we end up in a war with Iran, he might not get elected again either.

The truth is, like everything in Trump’s life, he’s the one that is in control of his destiny.