The Video CNN and Hillary Don’t Want You To See!


Hillary Clinton has been in politics a long time and has built many relationships that are helping her run for President. Two of her biggest allies are CNN and MSNBC.

A recent video was released that shows multiple instances of the liberal media cutting off speakers and lying to guests that tried to bring up facts about Hillary.

Almost ten minutes of examples that show many of the anchors and the networks plans to silence Hillary critics that bring up parts of Clinton’s past that they don’t want to discuss.

These clips are just one example of the bias.

CNN and MSNBC both worked against the Bernie campaign to make sure Hillary got the nomination by not covering Sanders and always being positive with Hillary.

After the debates, CNN would be the first “news outlet” to release headlines like, “Hillary Clinton’s Big Night On The Debate Stage”. They ran with the Clinton headlines even though Bernie Sanders won almost every single independent poll.

The biggest indicator of the support for Hillary comes down to cash.

In total, Time Warner, the company that owns CNN has given an incredible amount to Clinton as a company and individuals. A total of $722,416 has been given to Clinton and her Super PACs.

Almost a million dollars has been given to Hillary, yet CNN is somehow an independent news agency.

How is it working out for Hillary and CNN?

It isn’t going well for CNN as their numbers have tanked since the Democratic National Convention. They have fallen behind MSNBC in almost every day part and they have less than half the audience of Fox News.

It is a sad time for journalism in America, but because of videos like the one above and the work that websites like Liberty News Now does to expose the media bias, America is waking up.

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