The Strange Benefits Of Trump Being President

Donald Trump
They just can't look away, and they can't stop writing!

There is no doubt that Donald Trump is a little rougher around the edges than previous presidents, but that comes with some unique benefits.

Thanks to Donald Trump political books are seeing a banner year. Books published about Trump, for or against are seeing tremendous sales.

In 1976, Bob Woodward published “The Final Days” describing the final collapse if the Nixon White House. That book sold 636,000 copies. Compare that to 2018 when “Fear” Bob Woodward’s latest book on Donald Trump sold over 750,000 it’s first few days and over a million since its mid-September release.

Trump books, for and against are helping push book sales, but Trump has other fringe benefits too.

Saturday Night Live kicked off its 44th season and ratings were up from 2017. The show has seen resurgence in popular culture due to its portrayal of the elections, Trump and his presidency.

Matt Damon opened the show this past Saturday by taking shots at Kavanaugh and the confirmation hearings. There is no shortage of content for the left leaning comedy show.

Aside from boosting book sales and liberal TV ratings, there’s another benefit to having Trump in the White House, a strong economy.

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