“The Red Hen” Is The Future Liberals Want For America: Here’s Why

Sarah Sanders
Apparently It's only OK when a Liberal's "moral" sensibilities are being offended...

The Red Hen restaurant case is a potent example of media hypocrisy. It’s also an example of the corrupt moral systems upon which leftists base their critiques of the right.

On the off chance you haven’t already heard about it, the story goes like this: Sarah Huckabee Sanders went with a party of eight people to a dinner reservation in a little restaurant in Lexington, VA called the Red Hen. The reservation was under her husband’s name.

When Sanders arrived at the restaurant with her party, the chef on duty called the owner, to tell her that Sarah Sanders (or, as the leftoid clerics call her, “the Great Deceiver”) was in the seating area of their little restaurant. The owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, promptly got in her car, drove to her restaurant, and asked Sarah Sanders to leave.

This may remind you of a certain situation in which a pair of gay men went into a little cake shop to try and get a Christian baker to make them a wedding cake. When that baker, Jack Phillips, refused to bake the cake, he set in motion a chain of events that would lead to death threats against him, boycotts of his business, and a Supreme Court case which utterly failed to settle the issue of businesses and their right to refuse service for moral reasons.

Jack Phillips made his decision because he believed his mortal soul, and indeed the very soul of the nation, was in jeopardy. The Red Hen owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, made her decision because she found Trump’s policies icky and mean-spirited.

Jack Phillips was treated by the mainstream media and the liberal elite like some kind of bog-dwelling troll-person, a bigot and a “hater” of the highest order. He was depicted as the very scum of the earth.

Meanwhile Stephanie Wilkinson is being fete’d as a hero and glorified by the liberal press for really “sticking it to the man” by ruining somebody’s dinner plans.

At the end of the day, what this situation shows is that the liberals are utterly without a set of moral standards, a set of base principles, from which to draw ethical conclusions.

In other words, they have no sense of right or wrong; they have only the concepts of “with me” and “against me.” There is no good and evil for the cultural Marxist dread-lords who now run our cultural establishments.  

There is only tovarisch and vrediteli, comrade and criminal. The party of “tolerance” has become marked by its remarkable intolerance to any kind of dissent or disagreement. Increasingly, it is marked by the double standard it demands from the rest of the world.

The left has elevated “do as I say, not as I do” from an axiom into a doctrine.  They demand angelic behavior of their foes while playing dirtier than the damn Soviets.

If two people can take the same action, based on largely the same motives, with largely the same results, and yet be treated completely differently by the chattering class, what does that tell us?

It tells us that what matters is not the content of the action, or the reasons behind the action, but rather the side that the actor is on. What matters to the liberals is not the principle of the action, but the political affiliation of the actor.

This is because liberals have abandoned moral religion. They have tossed aside the old-fashioned concepts that there are eternal ideals of good and evil that men may hew to or cleave from.

In the place of moral religion, they have made a Great Grey God of Politics. They have built themselves a brazen calf, a colossal Moloch, from the idea of civic strife. Their own political side is now, rather than a civic affiliation, actually a religious connection.

This is why the force of political correctness now carries all the strength of holy writ to these people. The Democrat Magisterium presides over these wretched, mindless cretins, and Nancy Pelosi is their dark anti-pope, shrieking heinous platitudes with all the dread force of the Beast Itself.

Anyone who dares act contrary to the new Democrat orthodoxy is worse than an enemy; they are a nonconformist pariah, fit only to be shunned.

This is what happens when you make politics your religion; anybody who votes for “the other guy” is not merely opposed to “your guy”, they are opposed to your whole identity. They are anathemites, heretics of the highest order.

And, like the religious fanatics of centuries past, the political fanatics of the present know that the only cure for heresy is destruction. To allow a heretic to live is not only a poor strategic decision; it strikes against the holy dogmas of the High Church.

It was the same way in the French Revolution. Politics replaced religion in France, and in place of the pyre they erected the guillotine. The Jacobins were the radical religious leaders of their day, and they painted France red with the blood of their enemies.

And they have made their grim return at last, two-hundred and twenty-four years later, three-thousand eight-hundred and twenty-eight miles across the ocean. And make no mistake, these New Jacobins have no less cruel intentions than their French predecessors.

If given the chance, they too will paint our nation red. Or, rather, they’ll paint our nation a sickly shade of Democrat Blue.  

And they must be stopped, before they grow strong enough to enact their manic designs for our nation.

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.