The Pope Needs To Learn From Trump

Pope Francis
Make The Vatican Great Again?

The Pope is having a hard time dealing with all the sexual allegations against the Catholic Church and many of it’s priests, but he could learn something if he acted like Donald Trump.

Over the weekend, Pope Francis spoke to Bishops that joined him from around the world.

Speaking to the allegations of sexual abuse, he called the devil the “Great Accuser” and said that “in this moment is accusing us strongly, and this accusation becomes persecution.”

The Pope has not flat out denied the accusations and continues asking for “silence and prayers”.

Now the Pope is saying is and the church is persecuted, but that isn’t going to turn around the perception of this scandal.

Maybe the Pope should act a little more like Donald Trump. Trump has been accused of everything from working with Russia to cheating people with this Trump University. Trump denies everything. He has come out and strongly denied any wrongdoing.

The Pope and the Catholic Church hasn’t done that, so it makes them look guilty. By denying the allegation, it takes some of the wind out of the sails. Instead the church is calling for “silence and prayers.”

These allegations against the Catholic Church have been lingering for years and there have been numerous criminal allegations against the Church and over 300 priests in Pennsylvania. If the allegations are true, then the Pope needs to start firing people, like Trump does. So far, the Pope has taken very little action against all the accusations.

Trump faces a lot of his problems head on, he fires people when he thinks they are doing a bad job. Maybe the Pope should take some suggestions from the Trump playbook, and fight the allegations. Until he does that, the church is going to continually look guilty.

What are your thoughts? Should the Pope fight the allegations? Let us know in the comments below.

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