The Old Donald Trump Is Back Just In Time

Donald Trump

Donald has taken a few hits in the past two weeks and the talking heads have started saying Donald Trump is losing ground.

Donald took a big loss in Wisconsin and suffered the largest margin of defeat so far this primary season. He got cornered into a discussion on abortion and his comments were twisted and used against him, generating a huge amount of backlash.

Many were saying that Ted Cruz’s time has come and Donald is on the way out, but that is not true. They said Trump tried to be more presidential and it didn’t work.

Yesterday Donald was in his home state of New York and he went back to his natural self and it looked great. He hit Ted Cruz hard and the case he made is going to make it tough for Cruz to even beat Kasich.

Watch Donald attack Cruz.

New York ‘s primary couldn’t come at a better time for Donald Trump. The self-professed fan of winning needs to win. He needs a big win in the the winner-take-all delegates states. And the next few states favor him.

If Trump can avoid any big missteps and win New York, we are going to hear the talking heads singing a different tune.

We are already seeing him establish a very respectable foreign policy team and he is now working to reorganize his campaign and get serious. He is making some new hires, while others could be hearing “you’re fired”.

The Donald camp has also just hired veteran Republican strategist Paul J. Manafort to lead his delegate-corralling efforts, which is a serious move to win regardless of how many delegates Trump has going into Cleveland.

Donald also cleared his public schedule this week and is spending some time reorganizing his campaign and really getting a strategy down to win the nomination and not let the GOP steal it from him.

Just when people thought Trump might be out, he is starting to really get serious about forming the right campaign heading into a contested convention. He is seeing the writing on the wall and making plans to win no matter what the establishment throws at him.

Ted Cruz better enjoy the Wisconsin victory because he may not see another one for a while!