The Number That Scares Hillary Clinton To Death


If you had asked anyone in America eighteen months ago who the next president would be, almost all of them would say Hillary Clinton.

Then the email scandal broke and now she is under criminal investigation by the FBI. Then Bernie Sanders decided to start a revolution that got young people excited in the election and has gained a tremendous amount of support.

Neither the FBI investigation nor Bernie Sanders is stopping Clinton right now. Plus with the GOP nomination still up in the air, she still has a chance. Right? It is doubtful for one reason, actually, doubtful for 8.7 million reasons: voters.

Voter turnout on for Republican candidates is up 60% over 2012. That is a huge number that is not going away. While Bernie is getting out young votes, Hillary is still counting on the blue blood Democrats and establishment leaders to push her through. But that won’t work in the general election.

Despite the Virginia governor allowing felons to vote, and the Clinton scams around the country to get votes, she won’t have what it takes. The scandals and Bernie’s rise in popularity have taken their toll on her.

The polls have her beating Donald Trump, but those polls are not counting the 8.7 new voters that are coming out, and they are not taking into account one other major factor.

Donald Trump has destroyed 14 candidates on the right, and made them leave the race. He forced Scott Walker out early and the favorite, Jeb Bush, conceded months ago. Donald has not focused his attention on Hillary.

The Bernie revolution also may not even vote for Hillary and some may jump the fence and vote for Trump.

Hillary Clinton on paper might have the nomination and a clear path to the White House but the reality of the situation is that she should be scared. She should be very scared because the actual numbers are not favorable and if it ends up being Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, expect a blood bath of an election that Hillary won’t be able to survive.

What do you think? Should Hillary be scared?