The Horrors Of Being An American Held By ISIS


Friday would have marked the 27th birthday for Kayla Mueller, a young American Aid worker who was captured and killed by ISIS. In a conversation with ABC News, Kayla’s parent’s revealed new information on her death and it is even more tragic.

The details of her death have been a mystery. It was thought at one point, the American aid worker was captured and then killed in an American air strike. It turns out it is much worse.

Kayla became the personal property of ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. Recent reports have come from counter-terrorism officials with undercover agents working in the Middle East.

“We were told Kayla was tortured, that she was the property of al-Baghdadi. We were told that in June by the government,” Kayla’s parents said.

The 26 year old was forced to be the victim of repeated sexual assaults and imprisoned for almost a year and a half.

Al-Baghdadi delivered his “property” to the house of Abu Sayyaf, the terrorist responsible for the revenue from the oil and gas criminal ventures. The ISIS terrorist delivered Kayla personally and visited often.

A U.S. Delta Force raid to capture Sayyaf, ended up with the terrorist being killed, but a treasure trove of information was taken and even the wife of Sayyaf was taken into custody.

There were so many girls kept as sex slaves inside Sayyaf’s home, that officials are still trying to put the pieces together but one thing is certain; al-Baghdadi’s involvement is very clear.

The news is incredibly hard to hear and is heartbreaking when coming from the parents of the humanitarian aid worker. After one year of air strikes on ISIS, are we any closer to ending this evil? No.

What is it going to take to protect future women and keep our children safe?