The Forgotten Man: Media Ignoring The REAL Human Cost Of Immigration

"Maybe people would start to care if I changed my name to Juan..."

The current moral panic regarding the immigrant children at the border has brought the question of immigration laws back into the spotlight again. But as pundits and prognosticators screech, “What about the foreign children?!!?,” something is being horribly neglected.

Some fools in this country seem convinced that it is the duty of the United States not only to protect the entire Western world from the barbaric depredations of our geopolitical enemies, but also to serve as a gigantic shelter for every poor and downtrodden person in the 3rd world countries of the Western Hemisphere.

But why should it be our job to take in the wandering refugees of the world?

If immigrants live poor and awful lives in their own countries, how is it our fault? Why should it be our responsibility to deal with?

Except for situations in which US actions, like our wars in the Middle East, have caused harm and poverty, the US cannot possibly be said to have a duty to or a responsibility for the citizens of other countries.

The crisis on the US border is not caused by US actions. It’s not America’s fault that these people are trying to enter our country without our permission and against our laws.

It is the fault of Mexico.

It is the fault of Central America.

It is the fault of Democrats.

It is the fault of every Latin country with poor government and foolish leaders, who would love to shift all their responsibilities and burdens onto their larger neighbor to the north. All we have ever done is bring jobs and wealth to these countries. Our armies defend them. We have already taken thousands of them into our country, those who were willing to come legally and wait their turn the right way.

But it’s not enough for them. Still, thousands cross the border without any regard for the law, without any regard for what they’re supposed to be doing.

They think they are above the laws of our country. Unregulated immigrant labor has destroyed the American working-class. The American tradesman has been replaced time and time again by unskilled, untrained illegal workers. The government has for four decades turned a blind eye to this problem.

Obviously, some of the blame falls on the tradesmen themselves, for consistently and foolishly voting in Democrats who never had their best interests at heart. Sure, Democrats promised better pensions and more handouts to native-born workers, union workers especially.

But they also allowed many hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to enter our country, to produce thousands of children who are US citizens by right of birth. They did so to ensure a solid Hispanic voting block that would swing Dem for decades to come.

But they destroyed the livelihoods of American workers in the process.

As a result of that cosmic deceit and foolishness, we now have plenty of our own poor here in America. We have plenty of American people who need the help of others to get back on their feet.

Why should foreign born people, many of whom cannot even speak our language, be allowed any claim at all on the resources of the United States? Why, when we can hardly care for our own urban and rural poor, are we expected to shelter, feed, cure, educate, defend, and nanny the uneducated and unskilled poor of our southern neighbors?

The people of Mexico and other Central American countries are the responsibility of Mexican and Central American governments. They are the responsibility of their own neighbors and their own societies.

We are within our rights to tell these people that, no, in fact, they cannot just come here whenever they want and however they choose. They can’t take jobs from American workers, they can’t take welfare resources from the American poor.

They can’t have their children on our soil just so that they get a free 18 years of residency and welfare benefits. They can’t bring crime and drugs across our border. They can’t bring innocent infants on a three day trek, on foot, through a harsh and trackless waste, across a border the crossing of which has claimed countless lives.

These people are fools for trying to enter our country illegally. They take tremendous risks and put their families and their own lives in danger. Many of them die in the attempt.

But many more make it through, and so they will keep coming.

It is the right, and indeed the duty, of the authorities of our country to tell these people, no. No, you must go back to your own country. You must work hard to make your life better where you live. If you want to come to our country, you must wait your turn and do it legally, like the hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants who come to America every year.

The world is a world of lines and borders. All around us, we are surrounded by lines we cannot cross, rules we are not meant to break. Some lines are moral or ethical, some are legal. Some are commonsensical. But we live in a world with rules. A world of lines.

The poor of the world do not simply get to break those rules and cross those lines just because they are poor. Being poor does not put you above the law, no matter what the bleeding-heart liberals of the world might say.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.