The Fight Over Trangenders Just Got Non-Binary


A judge in Oregon ruled that a person could change their gender to non-binary. They don’t have to be male or female.

Somehow a judge thought that it would be just fine to let Jamie Shupe, who was a woman, to declare herself legally as a non-binary.

She doesn’t identify as woman and she doesn’t identify as a man. Neither one fit, so she went with something more neutral, picking the name Jamie to symbolize her neutrality.

The ruling being praised on the left as a first for this indecisive group is just another example of the lunacy that is going on in the Democratic Party.

The co-executive director of the liberal organization Basic Rights said this about the judges ruling:

“A momentous day for genderqueer Oregonians. It’s really exciting for the courts to actually recognize what we know to be true: gender is a spectrum. Some people don’t identify as male or female.”

First of all, I bet you have never heard the term “genderqueer Oregonians” before have you. Yeah, neither have we.

Second of all, how is a court of law deciding how people feel? How can someone change who he or she is, just because they identify with another gender? A white man can’t identify as a black man and have his race legally changed.

This whole thing is a mess. How far is it going to go? As far as we let them take it. Soon judges will be ruling on men who identify as women who identify as animals.

What do you think about creating a new gender, non-binary? Let us know in the comments below.

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