The Facebook Primary, And Why It Doesn’t Matter

Facebook Primary

If Facebook “Likes” converted to votes, Ben Carson would be facing Bernie Sanders in the general election.

But they don’t.

Facebook is the place where people are on eternal vacations, unicorns exist and a nerd who has not spoken face-to-face with a human being in 14 days has three thousand friends.

There is however, a bit of truth in the details.

The company, FiveThirtyEight,  put together an interactive map that calculates all of the Facebook “likes” taking place that are attached to a presidential contender.

They’re calling it the “Facebook Primary.”

In reality it’s a mix of how well each candidate is doing with their social networking and their actual popularity.

A dominant showing by Bernie Sanders is no surprise, as brain-washed college kids around the nation are spending time churning up the Sandstorm on Facebook and Twitter rather than studying economics (and it would be a just reward if these kids were able to elect Sanders as they would be stuck paying their student loans along with the college education of everyone who comes after them).

As for Carson, the candidate has been riding the wave of popularity ever since he called out Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013. With 5 million followers on Facebook, and strategic posts every two hours (during the day), the candidate is inflating his actual popularity.

Carson and Sanders aside, Donald Trump is dominating Facebook just like he’s dominating the polls.

Trump has climbed to 5.7 million Facebook fans but, unlike his Twitter account, the billionaire’s timeline isn’t very active with about three posts per day (more than the average person, but half of other candidates).

Trump’s closest rival within the GOP is Ted Cruz. The Canadian-born Texas Senator is dominating the Lone Star State along with a sliver of Oklahoma and New Mexico.

On the interactive map, if you uncheck Trump and Carson, you’ll see Cruz dominating all but Ohio (Kasich) and Florida (Rubio).

As for Jeb Bush, country-club Republican elites obviously haven’t taken the time to jump on Facebook as the former governor only carries 1% of likes of all of the presidential contenders.

Again, while there is some truth buried within the likes of Facebook, be thankful that brain-washed Bernites are wasting their time boasting about socialism on Facebook, because on the streets, it really doesn’t matter.