The End Will Happen In September. The end of what… we don’t quite yet know. The Internet is abuzz with doomsday prophecies and all of them point to September 2015! Some of them are just flat out crazy, but some experts are coming out and saying there is at least some truth pointing to disaster in September.

There hasn’t been this much hype about the world ending since the Mayans were wrong in December of 2012. This time around, current events are fueling the fire. Here is just a brief list of what the Internet is saying about “the end!”

* The Pope is the Antichrist and CERN scientists plan on running tests in September

* CERN will open Pandora’s box.

* The warnings must be true. Look on the back of this guy’s car.

* Then you have the solar and astrological events causing the end as well!

Some of the talk about the end is ridiculous, but then there is this side that not– as many people are tweeting about.

China has been in an economic boom for many years, buying the worlds oil, metals and commodities, but the Chinese stock market crashed last week to the tune of a $4 Trillion (yes Trillion!) loss.

Now all of those companies and international corporations that worked in developing countries to feed China’s demand lost their biggest client overnight.

Many of those companies are American, and many are overvalued, so there will have to be a sell-off. Combine that with the overall trepidation for investors right now, a crash of some type, or at least a major sell off, does seem very likely in September.

How bad the crash is depends on the blood moons I guess.