The Dirty Secrets Of Barack Obama Caught On Tape

Barack Obama

The Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education in Milwaukee took a big first step in technology last this year. It is the first school where teens used the new Facebook Live streaming feature to show off a threesome sex act and got caught by school officials.

A 14-year old girl, a 15-year old girl, and a 15-year old boy skipped school and got down to their birthday suits and started getting very intimate, and they decided to share it online, live!

Four other students were watching it (while they were sitting in health class, ironically). The police are now involved and this statement was released shortly after the event happened:

“In January, staff became aware of a video depicting inappropriate conduct that took place outside of school and off campus. The school immediately notified proper authorities and cooperated with the investigation. We took appropriate disciplinary action against those involved, which would be in addition to any outside consequences they may face.”

The investigation has officially been launched and now there are warrants out for the arrest of both of the girls in the incident. They could be charged with “exposing a child to harmful material”.

The boy is not listed on the police warrant report, which is interesting. This is not the last we have heard of this story.