The Coming War In Syria. Americans Ordered To Leave Area

War in Syria

Today the State Department and Pentagon officials are ordering the families and non-military personnel that are in southern Turkey to leave immediately due to security concerts.

The staff at the consulate in Adana and the Incirlik base are ordered to leave as well as a couple of other places that are very close to the Syrian border in Turkey.

In a statement made by the European commander, he said, “We understand this is disruptive to our military families, but we must keep them safe and ensure the combat effectiveness of our forces to support our strong ally Turkey in the fight against terrorism.”

Since the personnel is being ordered to leave, that does mean that the US government will pay for the relocation. But what is the rush?

Two weeks ago authorities captured the Paris ringleader in Brussels. In the past week there has been an attack in Belgium that killed almost 40 and injured hundreds. Then Iraqi troops took the ISIS city of Mosul back.

There is new demand for America to go in and take out the leader of ISIS and that is what it looks like Obama is doing. The pieces are lining up on the map.

ISIS is being pushed back to Syria and it looks like America is going to come in from the North through Turkey. Iraq, Russia and Iran look to be protecting the East of Syria and fighting ISIS on that front.

That leaves Israel and Jordan to protect the south. It is shaping into an attack to take out ISIS leadership and their rule in Raqqah and now with the ordering the removal of all non-essential staff and military, it might be sooner than later.

The governments in Europe and the US are feeling the pressure to do something to stop the spread of ISIS. Going in and eliminating the power structure is a good start. Even if they get all of ISIS, is the land going to be given back to Assad, President of Syria?

This whole thing is turning into a huge mess, but from the looks of it, things are just getting started.