The Coming Storm Is Not Trump’s Fault. It’s Yours.

The Coming Storm

The scenes from the Chicago protests of Donald Trump’s rally show one side’s view very well. That is because, as it has been proven, they were directed to go there by Billionaire George Soros with an attempt to shine a negative light on Trump.

The media played along, sharing live shots and stories from the protestors. Social media was the worst. Images with fake stories and intentionally misleading posts has only fueled the hated perception of Donald Trump.

What is happening is a plan to organize protestors to make it so hard for people to be associated as Trump supporters that they are shamed into voting for someone else. Just scroll down your Facebook or Twitter feed and you will see it. I saw this one on Twitter the other day.

If you really want to see the manufactured hate that has been targeted at the GOP frontrunner, go to Twitter and search the hashtags #KillTrump and #DeathToTrump.

What is next? The left’s most radical groups are organizing what they are calling “Democracy Spring”. In their own words…

“The campaign will begin on April 2nd with a march from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. where thousands will gather to reclaim the US Capitol in a powerful, peaceful, and massive sit-in that no one can ignore. Over 2,000 people have already pledged to risk arrest between April 11th-18th in what will be one of the largest civil disobedience actions in a generation.”

The planned protest is going to the single largest anti-Trump protest in history. It is going to fire people up.

The real question is will it be peaceful? Look how peaceful people were in Chicago.

Right now a couple of thousand Millennials have signed up. Millennials are good at protesting. It is what they do best.

How long is America going to sit by and let our citizens be manipulated by hundreds of millions of dollars in attack ads and billions of dollars in negative media? George Soros, whose money is behind this, is part of the Clinton machine.

The same Clinton machine that made sure the left leaning “news” channels covered Bernie Sanders as little as possible is now playing dirty politics with these protests.

The sad thing is, the left is hoping somebody does something crazy so they can pin it on Trump. They are acting so irrational and reckless right now that they may even stage something. Anything could happen this political season.

The sad thing is, we are falling for it. Americans are allowing themselves to literally hate Trump and his supporters. And we are destroying our country by letting this happen.

We all know what a liar Hillary Clinton is. She has been dealing with scandals her whole career. She covered up her husbands many abuses to women and then campaigns about how she’s the only candidate who will stand up for women. The thing is, the media is painting such a bad picture of Trump and ignoring Sanders that she is looking like a great option.

We are falling for it. We share images with half-truths on social media and defend them like they are true with no real research. “Research” has become nothing more than a quick Google search and skimming the top link.

What we saw in Chicago was just the tip of the iceberg. We are in for some rough days and I personally think that Donald Trump needs to come out and make a stand against violence at his rallies. He needs to do it soon to hedge the trouble that lies ahead.

As the convention approaches and the reality of a Trump nomination is starting to set in for the elites and establishment, they are planning to go all out. Chicago was just a glimpse of the storm that is coming.

It will threaten our liberty, but it isn’t Donald Trump’s fault. It is the fault of the American people who have allowed them to be manipulated by their favorite cable news channel and people like George Soros. Wake up America.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.