The Bionic Man Is Becoming Reality


For one San Diego man, saying that technology is at his fingertips is a bit limiting. In fact, his fingertips are technology. Moses Aramburo is one of the first in the nation to be given bionic fingers.

Two sensors are embedded in the silicon glove that touch his skin and pick up electrical impulses. The cutting edge robotics come from a company called Touch Bionics who is pioneering bionic prosthetics.

Aramburo lost most of his hand after an accident in 2012 that occurred when he was being pulled on a surfboard behind a truck during a flood in Mexico. The tow rope got caught on a gutter and the force of the vehicle continuing to drive ripped his fingers off. He admits that the reason for his injury could have been avoided.

But what about soldiers who have been left injured because of IEDs? This technology could give them back mobility and independence that they have lost.

A congressional report shows that since the beginning of U.S. forces being deployed to Afghanistan in 2001, the number of soldiers with major limb loss is 1,645. That report is only as current as June 1st of this year.

Over 1,600 soldiers are missing hands, legs, feet, arms. Imagine how much their lives have been changed by that loss and the fact that they made that sacrifice for their country.

How does it work? Well, a specialist, Jonathan Skerritt, explained about Aramburo’s prosthetic that, “After an amputation you still have the muscles in the hand, so we pick up those muscles and adapt them to hand function,”

Aramburo has had his final fitting and says that he can do many of the things he used to. To quote, “I can take pictures with this hand. I can hold a cup coffee and do everything almost that you can,” Aramburo said. “It’s very intuitive.”

This incredible advancement in technology has many applications. It isn’t just a hand look-alike for that man in San Diego. He isn’t just pleased because we have stopped using hooks for amputees. He has a new hand and a new lease on life. Don’t our troops deserve the same?

He likes hunting, dogs, and supports the troops at home and abroad.