Thanksgiving Should Be Fun, Just No Talking Politics


Families all over America are making “no talking politics” pledges for Thanksgiving, but can we help ourselves?

In an ABC survey conducted online, 38% of the people that responded said they are stressed out about the ideas of talking politics on Thanksgiving.

That number is 100% in my household.

My dad thinks Trump is Satan. Literally, he thinks that we will be under marshall law and all liberals and minorities will be rounded up into internment camps within six months of Trump taking office.

My mother-in-law blocked me on Facebook for posting stories from WikiLeaks that exposed Hillary’s corruption.

I’m not even that big of a fan of Trump, but I see him as a monkey wrench in the corrupt political machine that is Washington D.C..

Somehow, I am a racist and I hate women and black people, Latinos and gay people all because I voted for Trump.

Somehow now, I support Satan and the soon imprisonment of anyone that isn’t white and conservative.

Well, Thanksgiving should be fun.

My dad and I enjoy arguing, but this election has really brought the worst out in both of us. I have yelled, he has yelled, and we both are where we started. Nothing has changed, except for my wife’s new rule.

“No political discussion on Thanksgiving”. She didn’t just ban it from dinner, but the whole day. Both of my parents and I had to sign a pledge to be civil during the holidays and honestly, it is a great idea.

This election has taken a lot out of all of us, and it is time we find a way to move on. Sometimes that just means ignoring it.

I still love my dad even though he thinks Trump is Satan, and he loves me even though he thinks I support Satan. I still love my mother-in-law even though she blocked me on Facebook.

Family is more important than politics. Washington can affect our lives, but only we have the power to make our lives better, and this Thanksgiving we are doing just that.


We are not banning it; we are all agreeing that there are more important things to talk about.

Hopefully you will find a way to get past any troubles in your family and focus on the most important things in life. Each other.