Texas Muslim Leader Fired For Agreeing With Trump


A Texas Imam and local Muslim leader was forced to resign his position because he spoke out in favor of Donald Trump’s controversial comments.

On Monday, Donald Trump added another noteworthy quote to his long list of headline-grabbing statements this year by saying he would call for a ban of all Muslims coming to America.

Despite a huge backlash, the comments are still resonating with many in America. On the heels of the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks, Americans are becoming more and more worried about our nation’s security.

One individual who thinks Trump has the right idea is Dr. Nidal Alsayyed, a local Imam and director of the Islamic Society of the Triplex. After agreeing with Trump Monday, he found himself without a job on Friday.

When speaking to Fox affiliate KFDM, Alsayyed spoke about Donald Trump and why he agreed with not accepting any new Muslim immigrants into the county.

“But the way it happens when you see this mass shooting and you see some people coming with such a very peaceful background and all of the sudden the intelligences themselves, the agencies are not able to figure out what’s happening, why all of a sudden this guy or this girl or that lady open fire and kill 15 people, because American Muslims are not doing their job in the country. So we need to stop, we need to stop taking new ones until we fix the existing situation,” said Dr. Nidal Alsayyed.

Although Donald Trump has found enemies on all sides of the aisle with his comments, the fact remains that there are some serious issues that any candidate is going to have to fix.

“I think any future candidates, presidents who do not support the fact that we need to be more safe and more cautious about whom to bring into this country, whether a Muslim or not,” said Dr. Alsayyed.

Although Trump’s poll numbers seem to show that he wasn’t affected by the “Muslim ban” comments, Dr. Alsayyed is now out of a job. Maybe Trump should look into hiring the well-spoken doctor. Trump could use some help with his Muslim relations right now.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.