Teen Converts To Islam, Murders Friends At Party

Murderous Roomate
"Do you have a minute to talk about the bad news of our murderous prophet?"

Police in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, have arrested a teenager—after he stabbed three people in the name of Islam at a birthday party sleepover, killing one.

Corey Johnson, 17, is accused of killing 13-year-old Jovanni Brand on Sunday night, during an apparent slumber party to celebrate Brand’s birthday.

He also stabbed another 13-year-old guest, Dane Bancroft, and Bancroft’s mother, Elaine Simon, who was in the house at the time. Simon’s other son, who was also home, was uninjured.

Both Bancroft, who suffered 32 stab wounds, and Simon, who suffered 12 stab wounds, remain in the hospital in critical condition. Brand was pronounced dead at the scene, on his birthday.

Johnson told that he had converted to Islam recently, and committed the crimes because of his new Muslim beliefs, though it wasn’t clear why. He also added that, recently, he had been watching violent videos.

Johnson also told police that he brought a knife to the sleepover on Sunday, but didn’t decide to kill Brand, Bancroft, and Simon until 4am Monday morning, when he realized that they were all asleep.

Johnson now faces one charge of murder and two charges of attempted murder. He’s currently being held at the juvenile detention center in nearby West Palm Beach.