Ted Cruz Is Not The Zodiac Killer . . . But It’s Probably Bernie

Zodiac Killer

The Internet may have jumped the shark with this one.

It’s trending on Facebook and growing in “viral” power by the minute.

If you believe the troll-laden Internet, Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer.

Despite the Zodiac murders occurring years before his birth, according to his online accusers, Ted Cruz has “never denied being the Zodiac Killer.”

While a few bits of evidence point to Ted Cruz, such as the cryptic symbols left behind by the killer can spell “Ted Cruz.” They also spell “Trump” and “Bernie.”

Given the people pushing the theory are selling t-shirts to fund abortions in Texas, the real killer is more likely to be Bernie Sanders.

After graduating college in 1964, Bernie Sanders was a bit of a drifter. He moved from New York to Vermont and held a series of odd jobs including carpenter and filmmaker of “radical film strips.”

Bernie’s wandering years came during the same time that the Zodiac murders took place in the late 60’s and the killer just happened to wear the same glasses that Sanders still wears today. Bernie would have been around the same age, 29, as the only known suspect.

Sanders never held a real job or had a career until he jumped into politics in 1971, around the same time that the killings stopped.

In 1974, the Zodiac Killer was said to have sent his last letter to newspapers and the “Red Phantom” signed it.

“Red” as in “Socialist?”

See Internet, two can play at this game.

Here are two of the leading Zodiac killer theories:

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